Why is Toolfeast free?

Find out the story behind Toolfeast, how it all started and why we decided to be forever free

Being a blogger myself, when it came to keyword research, discovering data, analyzing it, and implementing results for better SEO, I faced too many restrictions in terms of tools.

The good part was, there were too many tools for the same purpose, but the downside was, all of them charged hefty to mine out the complete data for taking actions based on analysis.

  • Keyword Research - Long Tail Pro. A bit pricey cloud based software
  • Competitor Spying - Ahrefs. Heavily Priced set of tools
  • Social Media Scheduling - Buffer. Free but restricted plan
  • Finding Trending Content and Influencers - BuzzSumo. Very Highly Priced Cloud Software with Limitations
  • Professional Link Shortening and Tracking - Bitly. Free plan with restrictions

And the list goes on and on...

The Internet is free and open to all, why isn't the data?

To serve this exact purpose, Toolfeast was born.​

The main aim behind building Toolfeast is to provide enterprise-grade set of Tools for free.

Why is Toolfeast free?

To find more Long Tail Keywords for my own niche sites I (Paras) built a very basic tool that mined out more keywords for the Search Engines than Ubersuggest or any other similar tool did.

On sharing the tool with other bloggers in my circle, the response from them was amazing, which led to releasing the tool to the public.

Based on feedbacks and suggestions of those early users, Autosuggest was again revamped with more unique functionalities like live Google SERPS, Google Trends data, and suggestions from multiple search engines.

The response to that was again tremendous! Bloggers and Marketers were impressed with this tool as it was extraordinary and was offered for free.

After a new complete revamp, Autosuggest has now turned into a fully-fledged, cloud-based powerful Long Tail Keyword Research Tool.​ Try it out for yourself and I bet you'll agree with me.

This led to the idea of ​building more such tools for Bloggers, Marketers and Entrepreneurs like you so that you can scale up in your journey without facing the money barrier in between. No matter if you're just starting out or an already established blogger or marketer, you can take advantage of these amazing free tools to ease your tasks and get better results!​