Why should you donate to Toolfeast?

Toolfeast is a mission based on the motive "Your Marketing Arsenal, Free Forever".

It's "Forever Free"​ nature is the reason why hundreds of bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs have been able to enjoy enterprise-grade tools for free and get results from analysis and data done by the tools within Toolfeast.

Hundreds of people have benefitted using Toolfeast by now, and we (Paras and Drazen) are proud of what we've built!

To any similar software/service that you subscribe, you might probably know why those companies charge you - All the server infrastructure and maintenance costs, salaries to employees, developers and the whole team, taking out profit from the overall transactions, etc.

The reason why Toolfeast is kept free is - We aren't a company, we don't take out profits (a non-profit initiative), I (Paras) develops the Tools while Drazen does Marketing and we both together analyze and manage the overall Toolfeast system. And we don't ask for profits for our time spent behind Toolfeast

But, we still have to pay for the Server Infrastructure​, Data Management (subscriptions to the third-party APIs for providing you certain data) and system tools (the tools we require to keep the overall Toolfeast system running smoothly - for eg. Thrive Themes).

So, to keep Toolfeast forever free, to continue building new tools, and upgrade the infrastructure as we grow up, we need your support.


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